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Admin RULES !! Empty Admin RULES !!

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:01 pm

Here are the Rules, that all admins from the server should fallow:

#1. Don´t use fake commands, or commands like !say if Deathchat is on . .
#2. Befor you ban a cheater, take a Demo and follow the Demorule !
#3. Don´t kick players without reason.
#4. Don´t slap players (and not for fun too !) more than 3 times.
#5. The command !gear is only for the KNIFEPARTY ! Don´t use it, exept of that. (or ask Higher Admins)
#6. We have a KNIFEPARTY each evening, from 20.00 - 20.30 o´clock. Pls, one admin have to be online then !
#7. Kick, (temp) ban etc. --> write a correct Reason, ill check them ! (for CI players make --> !ci playername / number)
#8. If u have others QUestions, ask GAbber,Fritti or Alchemist.

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